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About us

Innovation, Sustainability, Green building, Intelligent services, Quality based contracts, … do you want to know how to be the best in all of them? Do you have the facility of the future?

Our global expertise of Facilities management & local feedback on our initiatives will ensure your organisation is optimized according to the latest industry innovations.
Keeping in mind the quality level and end user satisfaction we ensure the productivity of the services delivered on your facilities is optimized in a sustainable manner.

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Our expertise:

Service expertise:

  • Catering
  • Cleaning
  • Janitorial services
  • Security
  • Technical Maintenance
  • Reception & hospitality
  • Specialist services
  • Logistics
  • Ground maintenance
  • Winter services
  • Airport services

Type of site:

  • Shopping malls
  • Small & Large retail
  • Manufacturing
  • R&D centres
  • Army bases
  • Government buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Office environment
  • Residential condo’s
  • Hotels
  • Airports
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